Web Services Factory and Aggregator (WSFA)

Open Solution's WSFA Platform contributes to the part of Web 3.0 associated with intelligent web - semantic web, reduction of humans' tasks and decision tasks. The semantic technologies represent open standards that can be applied on top of the web. The social computing environment allows human-machine and machine-to-machine co-operations and organizing a large number of web communities.

The abovementioned unique capability of WSAF Platform is particularly suitable for implementation of blockchain-based applications. Blockchain technology rests on three founding principles. First, data is stored in a public, immutable transaction ledger with complete and irrefutable record of all transactions. Second, blockchains are implemented in a decentralized network of computing nodes. Third, the metadata describing each transaction is available to everyone on the system, but in encrypted form. And when applying blockchain technology to health data, each of these foundational principles applies. We believe that while technical consensus on a distributed ledger for healthcare has yet to emerge, blockchain technology and encryption will drive innovation in healthcare services and administration.

The diagram on Figure 1 demonstrates our solution for implementation of a patient controlled, blockchain-based system for EHR record maintenance and sharing.

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The recommended solution is a platform engineered to leverage both Blockchain technologies and Web Services and Aggregation Platform (WSFA) which facilitates a creation and deployment of interfaces in peer-to-peer communication to increase efficiencies, enable near real-time claim adjudication, transparent agreements between stakeholders and decreased fraud.

To date, there is no full-volume rollout of a blockchain for healthcare, and the scenario presented above represents only known practical solution to build and deploy a blockchain-based software on thousands of nodes distributed across an entire network. In fact, WSFA Platform will do it transparently with limited requirements for manual programing using generative programming style with automatic source code creation and deployment of residual components.