Web Services Factory and Aggregator (WSFA) - Web 3.0

Open Solution's WSFA Platform contributes to the part of Web 3.0 associated with intelligent web - semantic web, reduction of humans' tasks and decision tasks. The semantic technologies represent open standards that can be applied on top of the web. The social computing environment allows human-machine and machine-to-machine co-operations and organizing a large number of web communities.

Web 3.0 can be defined as a third-generation of the Web enabled by the convergence of several key emerging technology trends:
- Ubiquitous Connectivity
- Network Computing
- Open Technologies
- Open Identity
- The Intelligent Web

The WSFA applies source-code generation technique of semantic web processing to build a complete application with Web Services on distributed worker nodes using data models and ontological models according to relatively simple rules.


Our solution (see Figure 2) is to extend the basic "cloud" with the ability to provide services across separate and independent domains. It was made possible by our Web Services Factory and Aggregator (WSFA) Platform. The WSFA Platform has universal applicability but is particularly suitable for blockchain-based applications.

The most important fact about our WSFA platform is a true elimination of all programming requirements for the end-user. It includes automatic code generation and deployment as a SaaS applications in the "cloud." The "Demo" tab will redirect you to the page protected by login requirements (please request an account)where examples are presented of transformation, validation, and transport of all data relevant to online advertising and selling across supported channels.

The system was demonstrated at a few technical venues. The demonstrations received very positive responses. The functionality of the WSFA Platform adds a flexible solution for integration and concurrent operation of new and existing databases - an environment for creation and operation of cloud applications and services.